Thursday, August 6, 2009

Ashlanne asks the public for their opinions.

Let's just say, she got it, and so much more. Here are the postings that followed shortly that were 84'd (deleted from existence) simply because they can't handle the truth. Enjoy!

Ashlanne wrote:

Happy Monday everyone!

Sorry we missed doing these features last week, I didn't prep any and we were swamped settling down from Block Party and prepping for the GenCon Meet and Greet! But I am prepped through August and plan to work on September's features this week!

This is a picture of the MxO Banner from Fan Faire signed by folks here at SOE. It was then shipped to Seattle to be signed by a few more people. From there it will be shipped to the auction winner. Did anyone get a chance to attend the finale this weeked? Share your stories, I would love to hear them.


And here's what she asked for:

NightTrace wrote:



You want to hear our stories?

Are you suuuuure?


My post is less of a story, and more of the moral behind the story. This is the lesson you learn after it closes and you look back and grimmace.

You do not matter.

Do you see this thread?

That's just how much "they" care about you..

This entire thread is one giant smack to the face of what once was the player base of The Matrix Online.

It was delivered to us with a giant goofy fu-king grin perched on the lips of some random furfag most of us had never heard of.

Thats exactly how much we matter.

"We shut your game down, come give us a nice thread to show how much you all loved us and that time you pissed rainbows and sh1t a kitten."

I'm sure it will be fu-king adorable


PhiAU wrote:
Be careful what you wish for... or all the pissed off and ignored customers might tell the truth

Quite possibly the most direct response in regards to SOE's treatment of MxO.

Phrack wrote:

Well, if you must know, then sure. I know I said I wouldn't have anything to do with SOE after my last post, but hey, this is just too tempting to pass up.

My memorable experiences with The Matrix Online...

  • 2003 - Buying Matrix Revolutions on DVD and seeing the special documentary about the upcoming MMO from Monolith that would "revolutionize gaming" by not only providing a fully-immersive environment larger than anything people had seen before, but by introducine story to the game and pushing that immersion one step further by giving players the opportunity to be a part of, influence, interact with, and create the ongoing story of the Matrix Saga.
  • 2004 - Fighting like hell to get into Beta, and finally succeeding, just as the End of Beta event was to begin. Sitting in awe behind my keyboard as I watched the eyes in the sky, via a 56k connection that left me with a framerate of 4 FPS, and a video card so poor that it left the colors of the game nearly black-and-white.
  • 2005 - Hustling to get my computer into a state where I could actually play the game, while I waited on the pre-order of the game to come in the mail. Searching for the single-issue Matrix Online Magazine in stores, before finally finding it and rejoicing. Coming in on launch day and creating the character that I would use for the next four years.
  • 2005 (a few months later) - Learning that Sony Online Entertainment had acquired our beloved game, and that the first act of business was to impose budget cuts that would not only layoff/reassign 75% of MxO's staff, but also reduce the number of playable world servers from 9 to 3. Learning soon after that Live Events would be coming to an "indefinite halt," to make way for "Combat Revision 2.0," and the purge of AIM from the game chat system. Telling EVERYONE that this was horrible, and that the game was going to severely suffer for these actions, only to be told by 97% of the community to "S-T-F-U and give SOE a chance."
  • 2005 (December) - Finally reaching the Level cap of 50 on my character, after ten months of grinding on a 56k internet connection.
  • 2006 - Working hard to make a name for myself and my guild, despite the fact that Live Events now existed solely in the form of two overworked people with little or no help whatsoever from their employers.
  • 2007 - Getting accepted into, and watching the Live Events Special Interest Group (LESIG), a group that was originally (and specifically) designed to be nothing more than a small group of players who provided feedback to the Development Team, become Ben "Rarebit" Chamberlain's personal roleplay task force. Also, being booted from said group in less than a month, because I discovered the source of a leak and brought it to Mr. Chamberlain's attention as quickly as humanly possible. The kicker, however, was being asked by the SOE employee to write a letter of apology to the Matrix Online Community, to take the heat off of the rest of the team I'd just been forced to give my resignation to.
  • 2008 - Being accepted back into LESIG (2.0), only to be booted once more, several months later, when "Rarebit" Chamberlain discovered that I was the same person he'd booted out before, on a different game account.
  • 2008 (A few months later) - Spending two months of time, and $500.00 USD worth of money, from myself and 41 other players, to put together a Player Event/Alternate Reality Game for The Matrix Online, and work closely with Joel "Raijinn" Sasaki, in hopes that someone in SOE would take notice and believe that the game was worth giving a little more consideration to. Getting incredibly excited at being accepted into SOE's Community Influencer program, receiving an airline ticket to San Diego for a weekend (that I never got to experience, because of all weekends, that happened to be the one that the Dallas/Fort Worth Airport was snowed in) of "fun." Being told to sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) with Sony Online Entertainment, and being included in a private forum on these very boards, which became nothing more than constant discussions about Freerealms, rather than what I thought it would be: a way to provide feedback on, and help the game titles that each of the members come from.
  • 2009 - Failing to receive so much as a response from ANY member of the Community Relations Team, or Smedley himself, after e-mailing them with the concerns of myself and the community I represented. Watching LESIG be disbanded permanantly, and Ben "Rarebit" Chamberlain give the MxO community the finger as he quit. Contacting the head PR person for our game, in hopes of getting answers about the future of the game, and the fact that we receive not so much as a Producer's Letter, only to be regurgitated back information that was outdated two years prior. Watching the community tear itself apart through the increasing frustration of being completely blacklisted by Sony Online Entertainment, while its employees sat back silently and watched the chaos ensue. Being proverbially PUNCHED IN THE STOMACH by Sony Online Entertainment, when the only form of information we finally receive is in the form of an e-mail, telling us that our game will be the first in the company's history to be shut down (because of the economy. Which does not make sense, I don't give a flipsh!t who you are.) Paying $15.99 to play the final two months for "free," only for my account to suddenly (and mysteriously) stop working, less than a month in. Missing the pathetic excuse for "The FINAL chapter of the Matrix Online saga" (a dance party) because I've apparently been blacklisted from the game.
In short...


I'm well-aware that you're all people who need jobs... but at this point, if I was ever given the chance, I don't think I have such low respect for myself and others to be able to accept a paycheck from SOE. I've met prostitutes that have more self-respect than that. I'd work for Blizzard or BioWare, or... dare I say it, Aria Games, before I ever accepted a position from this company. Simply because it's becoming increasingly clear with every passing day, what this company thinks of it's customers.

So how's that for "memorable experiences?"

Lokkii wrote:

all right... i have a story for you. its about the dozens of times in mxo when i was called a f a g g o t and h o m o and jack was done about any sort of csr or gm or whatever stepping in to say the problem would be looked at. but wait, the story gets better, you see apparently SOE doesnt give a *poop* about disparaging and insulting remarks about gays, yet they do give a crap about the slightest little transgression about the "Mormons". you see our faction servers were down and i made poast about the mormons who ran the site being techno idiots, and it meant instant and permanent bannage, no warnings or anything. all appeals were never answered in a whole year.

so my story about the matrix. MXO/SOE = F- gays, we dont give a *poop* about them. But oh *poop* someone has made poast about teh (insert religion here), UNLEASH THE BANHAMMER!!!!

F- your slap in the face we want to hear your story *poop*, if you want to read a good story go read harry potter, if you want the truth... well f this is SOE, truth doesnt matter to them.


Vanil wrote:

Phrack's post basically sums it up.

This will be the first, and the last time that I post on these forums.

Go rot in a f u cking pit, SOE.



ConfederateXP wrote:

Oh I remember MxO very well. I remember how SOE undercut us at every corner. Our budget gotten smaller, we lost Cinematics, we lost our Storyteller, we got Cinematics back, but it had to be made soley by Mr. Chamberlain. I remember the recycled content because we didn't have an animator or a modeler. I remember the piss poor excuse of a producer that we had. Walrus has let us down, he even admits that he could've done more for Matrix Online.

But...what I'll remember the most is....


I will never....ever buy another SOE game....I don't care if SOE sent me a prositute to suck me off!

Good job of turning a franchise that brought in billions of dollars into a former shadow of it's self SOE....just fan-tastic.


PhiAU wrote:

You can't say that wasn't "candid".

SOE killed MxO via mismanagement of rediculous proportions.

SOE failed to deliver on any promises.

SOE threw the game staff to the wolves and NEVER replied to any community concerns. Game staff were left to deal with it... before they were all fired/quit moved to other games to leech off MxO.

The last 4 or 5 months of MxO we got exactly nothing form SOE.

I'm returning the favor.

No sony product of any kind (reguardless of relation to SOE) will ever cross my doorstep again. Household appliances, PS2/3, games, TVs, etc.

The last day? Got to see everybody that had long since quit due to being bent over the proverbial bench by SOE. And had a few devs standing around doing all the usual, spawns, turning people into things and then meatwadding everyone at the end... it was very sopranos... just turned off. no epic escalating agent spawns, no special content. just *crush*-then flicking the power switch


Foxxdie wrote:

Whoever wins that Matrix Online banner, I will pay you $100 cash for you to mail that to me so that I can film myself burning it. I then promise to do a burnout over the ashes while playing Mona Lisa Overdrive from The Matrix Reloaded.

The entire Sony Online Entertainment executive and management team should be ashamed for what they did to this game, and more importantly to the dedicated players of this game. I will never give you money again.

This post is actually interesting due to the posts that followed, wanting to purchase said sign so they can give it the Foxxdie goodbye.

Lokkii wrote:
i'll chip in an additional $15 toward that goal.
3y3p0pp3r wrote:
like a boss. ill add 20 more. thats $135. do i hear 150?
Reeverb wrote:
Where can I bid on the auction of that banner?
ConfederateXP wrote:
Vanil wrote:

I lied. I'm posting again.





Warboy wrote:

I'll add 250 to the pot just to see it done. But it has to be in front of the SOE HQ.

This following post is a special one, because it's not from an MxO player. It's from another disgruntled gamer from another SOE title that's now receiving the SAME treatment.

Archael wrote:

This is wonderful.

Here that Sony? We're not going to take it anymore. We're a community that supports each other. Not only will most of the players that you screwed refrain from playing any more of your games, but will likely never purchase any SONY product ever again.

I hope SOE goes bankrupt or is bought out by another company. I'd quit my job, go get a degree in programming, and go work for that other company out of spite.

To all the players of the Matrix Online, I sincerely hope you never let yourselves be treated like this again.


More posts incoming soon. If you have any frustrations/stories that involve SOE's mismanagement skills, email me at and I'll get those stories posted. Customers have a right to know what they're getting into.